January 6, 2018




p.f. 2019 New year’s graphic

woodcut | 21 x 14.8 cm

edition: 28

© Büke Schwarz 2017



"Starker Tobak" (German idiom; trans. "That's a bit thick!" | "That's coming on strong.") - that's the résumé of the year 2017 and the motto of the new year's graphic no.1 for 2018. If you're interested in obtaining one out of the 28 prints I made, there are two options:


(limited | while stocks last)

1. You're an artist sending me your new year's graphic for which you'll receive mine in return.

2.You buy one for the price of 65 euros.


Either way, just send me a message.


Exchanging new year's graphics is an old tradition amongst artists. Besides the graphic itself, there is usually a new year's message that comes with it. Furthermore, its editions are commonly very limited. The initials "p.f." below the print are French for "pour féliciter", which stands for "to wish luck".

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