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Sonita Alizadeh

Fights against child marriage.

Heroines Calender 2021 – Women who make our world

a better place.


All over the world there are active, committed and courageous women who stand up for humanitarian justice and fight against local adversities and global crises. 12 female artists have drawn 12 of these outstanding personalities for the Heroine Calendar 2021. It was an honour for me to draw the rapper Sonita Alizadeh. Most popular song: Brides for sale.


Bea Davies

Marie Geißler

Hanna Jung

Annette Köhn
Antonia Kühn

Franziska Ludwig

Cam Tu Nguyen

Martina Schradi
Büke Schwarz

Maki Shimizu

Burcu Türker

Birgit Weyhe


1 Euro of every sold calendar will

be donated to Amnesty International

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