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vienna night shot


experimental music short film

Musik/Lyrics: HOLD


At first the relationship between the two protagonists is shown from a certain distance. In the moment of approach, the expression changes into one of pure violence. There is a contrast between security and brutality. In the style of neo-noir, the music video vienna night shot refers to what is staged and deceptive in the medium film.


starring: Sinha Melina Gierke and Wilfried Hochholdinger

written by: Büke Schwarz, Philip Treschan, Samara Hammud

art director: Büke Schwarz, Philip Treschan and Samara Hammud   

director of photography: Lukas Dolgner 

visual effects supervisor: Philip Treschan 

editor: Büke Schwarz

storyboard: Büke Schwarz

costume design & make-up artist: Samara Hammud

foley/sound design: Tim Gössler 

music by: HOLD


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