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Mitte Mitte bitte!

Hi, I'm Büke. A Berlin based fine artist and illustrator quite addicted to the cinematic arts. With my blog "Mitte Mitte Bitte!" (“Center seat please!”): I would like to lure everyone away from their couches into the cinema seats and share some of my passion for movies. And where do we want to sit? Of course: "Mitte Mitte bitte!“.

It is an illustrated film review blog, with a special focus on movies that are shown in the Yorck cinema group. The German title refers to my preferred seat as well as the place where I am living. The artworks reflect my visual impressions watching those films. Whatever makes me wonder, think, rethink, laugh, cry, go crazy. In short: What gets stuck in my head, gets a spot on the page.

There are hardly any limits to my watchlist, except I prefer not only to show the commercially successful films. Please go ahead and send wishes for the next movies perhaps I have time to include them.

tl;dr: Illustrated film review blog with no specific order or ranking, conveying the images stuck in my head when sitting in the cinema in my favorite seat: "Center seat please!"


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