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Green Book

Film by Peter Farrelly

Kant Kino | Yorck Cinema Group

Hall 5 | April 2019

“It takes courage to change people’s hearts.”

Green Book shows a charming risky road trip from New York to the Deep South (trough a land of racial clichés). A constant companion on the journey, the Negro Motorist Green-Book. It listed businesses that served black travelers in the segregated South. The film Green Book recreates

a time not too long ago when black people were being regularly dehumanised and devalued

in ways that were upheld by the law and still serves a significant purpose to remind white audiences of the difficulties faced by those of colour.

Green Book Road Trip Map

I am not a medical doctor. I'm a musician.

These men are good company, even if the trip itself might cause some queasiness.

1 Comment
May 08, 2019

Very nice! Fantastic movie!

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